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With an international reach, we address the great issue of new technologies applied to responsible gaming.

We convene the fifth Conference of the International Alliance for Responsible Gaming, which on this occasion will also be organized by the Directorate General of the Spanish National Police. 

The Fourth International Conference for Responsible Gaming returns for its fifth edition and with the invaluable support and collaboration of the Gambling Control Service of the General Directorate of the Spanish Police. 


On September 26, Madrid will be the international capital of a primordial debate.


Thanks to the Directorate General of the Spanish Police, which is also collaborating by giving up its facilities, Madrid will be the epicenter for sharing experiences and advancing together in the excellence of responsible gaming at a time when technology allows us to fine-tune, locate and work better for a sustainable gaming offer and responsible consumption.


For this task, nothing better than having the international security forces, with the outstanding support of the National Police, who, on this day, will help us in the power to transform and polish the future of the gaming industry and its responsible growth. achieving sustainability between companies and citizens.


#JuegoResponsableTech #AlianzaInternacionalPolicíaNacionalJR 

#Responsible gaming #sustainableindustry 

National Police Headquarters, Canillas Complex

C. de Julian Gonzalez Segador, s/n, 28043 Madrid


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